iDygest: Griffin PartyDock Will Allow You to Play iOS Games on Your TV

From: Macworld, iLounge, TUAW, CultofMac, Pad Gadget.

The iPad and iPhone offer a number of ways to get social while gaming, from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi fragging to split-screen, cut-fruit competition. But Griffin is looking to turn Apple's latest gadgets into all-out gaming hardware consoles with a new dock the company announced on Friday. 1

The wall-powered PartyDock connects to a TV using included composite cables or with user-supplied component cables, and also allows the remote to control video, picture, and audio playback. Curiously, the PartyDock's user manual makes no reference to support for the iPod touch or any older iPhone model, carrying only "Made for iPad and iPhone" badges. 2

The PartyDock will let up to four people play a game together with four individual remotes on a single iPhone 4 or iPad connected to your TV. 3

[ Image courtesy of: TUAW ]

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