iDygest: Apple Dumps Design Firm SurfaceInk Due to Potential Tablet Threat

From:, into Mobile, VentureBeat, MacRumors, Edible Apple, 9 to 5 Mac.

Apple and design firm SurfaceInk parted ways after the latter dared showcase a 12.1-inch slate prototype of its own at a consumer electronics show in June, the New York Times reported Friday. 1

Apple, who can easily be argued as having cornered the tablet computer market with its iPad, has severed ties with SurfaceInk, a company who has been working with Apple for 10 years. 2

SurfaceInk founder and CEO Eric Bauswell told the NYT that the working relationship with the companies fell apart because of "Apple's growing awareness of our turnkey capabilities" – its product design business for clients. 3

The move comes as SurfaceInk has increased the availability of its "Turn-key" services that see it design and build entire products for sale to other companies. 4

[ Image courtesy of: VentureBeat ]

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