Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

Looking back on my recent sleuth of Hitchcock related posts and the current status of Hollywood’s lack of imagination, it’s quite a surprise there haven’t been more remakes of his movies.
Come to think of it, the ones that were already remade, weren’t really that good, so maybe that’s for the better. Psycho probably leads that shortlist and not even Gus Van Sant and Julianne Moore saved that wreck.

And there’s something about Julianne, something that inspires photographers to replicate art (although movie wise I don’t recall any period pieces she’s been).
I’d already featured a Peter Lindbergh shoot with her replicating some assorted pieces from several painters, but in this 2002 shoot by Michael Thompson for Interview Magazine, Julianne impersonates a Vermeer heroine (and unlike this other Vermeer inspired shoot, this one is an exact replica of the Dutch’s paintings).


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