Cool Hunting: The Raw IceCream Company

The Raw IceCream Company

Sweet frozen treats blend cashews and coconut for healthy ways to indulge

Equally appealing to vegans, health nuts, the environmentally conscious and everyone else with a sweet-tooth, the Brooklyn-based Raw Ice Cream Company whips up sweet treats perfect for coping with summer heat without quite as much guilt. The dessert, made of entirely raw, vegan, organic, pareve, cruelty-free and delicious ingredients, leaves little reason not to indulge.

Featuring Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Fudge Swirl, Mint, and Mint Chip as mainstay flavors (with the occasional specials such as Vanilla Cinnamon or Chocolate Macadamia rumored of online), each of the delicious blends skips dairy, processed sugars, excess fats and strain on the environment of bigger commercial brands. The magic recipe uses a blend of raw cashews, coconut meat, vanilla bean, sea salt, and agave nectar for sweetener to make their thick frozen treat that's so tasty it could've fooled me when I sampled it at the Fancy Food show this past weekend.

Available in pints ($7), half-pints, and as raw ice cream sandwiches, the products sell at an array of locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. (Check out the store locator on the company's website). Those begging for shipments outside of NYC may have to wait a bit longer though; the Raw IceCream Company, staying true to their ideals, won't ship until they can do so in fully compostable ecofoamcoolers, expected to become available in August.

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Jeffrey Hagedon


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