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iPhoneWorld.ca: iPhone’s Top App’s as chosen by the Wired Staff

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 05:45 AM PST

iPhoneWorld.ca writes:


2009 is about to end and we certainly have enjoyed a wide array of apps for our iPhone devices. You may have your favorites, but are you a bit curious about the staff at Wired? What are their favorite apps for the year? Well, they divided up their favorite apps into groups including productivity, games, hobbies, and travel and outdoors then choose the apps.

Here is their list of favorite iPhone apps for 2009

Under Productivity, you will find BeeJiveIM, Dropbox, Instapaper, and Tweetie 2. In the game category, the Wired Staff put Canabalt, Doodle Jump, Flight Control, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Tower Madness, and Words With Friends on the tops list. With Travel & Outdoors the staff chose Convert, Postman, Red Laser, RunKeeper, Taxi Magic, and KCRW. In the last category, Hobbies you will find the staff chose Best Camera, Bloom, CameraBag, and Eucalyptus.

There are several top iPhone app lists out there, but the staff at Wired worked really hard to give us there fav’s and I thought we should take a couple of minutes to check these out before we go for Apple’s top list, who of course are a bit biased.

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iPhoneWorld.ca: Apple’s iPhone App Rejection List of 2009

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 05:25 AM PST

iPhoneWorld.ca writes:

Creating apps for the Apple iPhone is a fun job, however, it takes lots of work as well. There are rules that must be met and of course, your app will have to go through the process to see if it will become one of the many apps that everyone uses on a daily basis. However, there are also many many apps that are rejected.


Among Apple’s rejection list, you will find an app that poked fun at Michael Richards, Hitler, and a few other funny scenarios, the satire was actually banned by Apple. With the ban, TechCrunch was not too happy with the ban of the app from Someecards and has posted remarks including that the banning was hypocritical.

The next Apple rejection was the iSinglePayer app that allowed users to contact their congress representative to ask for health care reform. Apple states the app was “politically charged.”

Bobble Rep was also on the rejection list. This app holds all the information on every member of the US Congress. By searching via zip code, users can find their representative.

An upgrade to the Chess Wars was rejected! Why? The chat bubbles were too similar to Apple’s test messaging app.

Start Mobile Wallpaper Gallery was rejected due to Shepard Fairey’s famous Hope poster. The reason as stated by Apple, “it violated the rule prohibiting ridiculing public figures”.

The code had to be resubmitted for Grand Tour 3 due to the wording, “that the app costs about $149,999,995.01 less then the Voyager probes”. Apple’s rules state “apps are not allowed to refer explicitly to the price of their apps, to prevent confusion amongst foreign users purchasing apps with a different currency.”

Not sure, what happened with the Google Voice and Google Latitude apps. They seem to have fallen between the cracks in the floor. Apple stated they did not reject Google Voice, however, no one can find it. As for Google Latitude, is not necessary due to the iPhone’s built-in Maps app.

Tweetie 1.3 was rejected, something to do with a swear word that had nothing actually to do with the app. Strange things do occur.

Convertbot was rejected due to the fact that Convertbot’s time icon looked similar to iPhone’s ‘Recents’ icon. Developers cannot use any image that resembles Apple’s icon. In this case, a user may be confused and believe they are in their call log instead of using Convertbot.

Eucalyptus was rejected! Eucalyptus is only an app to read books from Project Gutenberg. The reason. Among all the books out of print at this time that are available through Project Gutenberg, Apple found the Karma Sutra. Were those rejection gals and guys purposely searching for this book? How did they know this book was available without actually searching?

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